Install Node for your platform, then clone and build the Eve starter repository:

git clone
cd eve-starter
npm install


In the eve-starter directory, you can launch the Program Switcher:

npm start

This will open your browser to the Program Switcher, which allows you can run the programs located in the eve-starter/programs directory. You can place your own *.eve files in this directory and run them from the Program Switcher.

Running an Eve file

Eve documents are written in Markdown, where Eve code is embedded in code blocks. You can run a specific *.eve file by providing its path as an argument:

npm start -- path/to/program.eve

Command Line Options

The command line interface accepts a number of configuration options, which can be displayed using the help command:

npm start -- --help

The available options include:

-h, --help                     output usage information
-W, --workspace <name>:<path>  Search path(s) for programs
-I, --include <path>           Search path(s) for watchers
-H, --headless                 Run the specified program in node instead of the browser. Requires a specified file
-p, --port <number>            Run the Eve server on an alternate port. Default <8000>
-n, --no-open                  Don't automatically open Eve in the browser
-f, --list-found               List all programs and watchers found within their search paths