Install guide

Need to install Eve on your machine? Head here for step-by-step directions.


If you’re new to Eve and want a hands-on demo to learn the language, you can jump right in with a 5 minute quickstart guide that shows you how to build a simple incrementing counter.

Syntax reference

Want a reminder how the syntax works or to get an overview of Eve without going through the quickstart? The syntax reference is a good place to start.


Want to know everything Eve can do? Here’s a list of all the functions, operators, and watchers available in the language.


If you didn’t find what you were looking for, you can get in touch with the Eve team and the community through these channels:

  • Send a message to the mailing list. We generally respond to messages within a day.
  • Send a tweet to @with_eve.
  • Submit an issue to our GitHub repository.
  • Join the Eve Slack channel to talk with Eve developers and the community in real time (coming soon)

Want to learn more?

  • Browse our gallery of examples from the Eve crew and the community to learn, to be inspired, or just for fun!
  • Read our blog to see what we’re up to, from our developer diary to essays, announcements, and more.